Frequently asked questions...

Q: What types of licenses are there and why do I need one for my event?

     A: Types of licenses are Print, Mechanical, Blanket, Synch, Performance, Master.  Anytime you are using the                intellectual property created by someone else, you need permission. For example,  If you purchase a song on i-tunes, you enter an agreement of private use.  The moment you use the song outside of your home, or over the internet, you are now using the song in a public format, which requires a new license.   

Q: Do I need a different license for each song or can it be for my whole fundraising event?

     A:  You can get a license for the whole event.  You can purchase one through a performance royalty organization such as BMI, ASCAP, MLC, SESAC, or a master recording license through Sound Exchange  or the record label.  Sound Barn Auctions can assist or process the requests for the event.

Q: How much does a custom song  cost with Sound Barn Auctions?

     A:   For custom songs, pricing is discussed in consultation

Q: What is a Master license?

     A:  A Master license is permission to use a certain sound recording from whomever owns the recording.  If there are multiple versions of a song, the master license for the version you want is what you need.  The record label is usually the owner of the recording.

Q: Do I need more than one license if my event is at a venue and also over the internet?

     A:  Since Covid hit, we are seeing situations where you need a license for the event space you are in and also a license for internet use.  Hybrid licenses are popping up.

Q: How can I get  a custom song for my event and also cover music for my event?

     A: Sound Barn can assist in getting the proper license for the evening to cover all music.

Q:  What is the price for a custom song for my event?

     A: Pricing varies and are discussed in consultation